Who wants to marry Shilpa Shetty?

Here’s some more dope from London. If sources are to be believed then Mommy Sunanda Shetty is now groom-hunting for daughter Shilpa. Apart from chalking out her lengthy feature interviews in UK tabloids and magazines Sunanda is sparing thoughts on her daughter’s wedding, too. Needless to say, she’s been socialising with the wealthy NRI gang and taking a close look at the bachelor’s ready to take a plunge. A reliable source from London informs, “After having hit the headlines with her win on Celebrity Big Brother, Sunanda Shetty wants to steer clear of any more link-ups. It’s true that she’s been interacting with a lot of wealthy Indians here with her daughter in tow. Marriage is definitely, on the cards.”

At these high profile dos Shilpa has been reportedly bonding with a lot of industrialists. The same source tells us, “Shilpa is a very friendly gal. She’s handled herself with unparalleled dignity and grace. Obviously, the wealthy Indian families are going gaga over her.

Who wouldn’t want to marry a traditional gal like her?”