Hollywood Actress wants to settle down in Mumbai for Bollywood career

Linda Arsenio, who’s sharing screen space with John Abraham in Kabul Express, has decided to settle down in Mumbai and pursue an acting career in Bollywood.

Linda is an aspiring actress from Hollywood who makes her Bollywood debut in Kabul Express. Incidentally, Linda’s family didn’t approve of her doing this film. “Most Americans feel that Afghanistan is not a safe country. My family wanted me to continue acting in America itself. However, the script of Kabul Express moved me considerably and I decided to do the film. My mother read the script too, and encouraged me to go ahead. So basically it was me and my mom, against the rest of my family,” says Linda.

Linda decided to settle down in Mumbai after working with director Kabir Khan. “I have realised that films are not just about love and romance. Kabir has been a documentary filmmaker, and he believes in thorough research. It’s good to work with someone who can help you enrich your knowledge. And when I started working in Afghanistan with Kabir, I loved the fact that his film was so close to reality. I would like to be associated with more such films. Plus, India is the second-largest film industry in the world. So, I’ve decided to stay back,” she says.

Will she miss home? “I will miss home, but then my folks can always come and meet me. I am also sure that I will make lots of friends in India,” she says.